There was one season in life I wanted to try something morbid….taking pictures of people headless.   This was taken somewhere in the middle-east and I recalled I had to sneak behind the lady to frame this shoot.   It was interesting because her attire broke away from the monotony  of the background.   What was she doing?  Praying, reading or crying?

Do give comments on this shot.  Truly appreciate.  Cheers.



This picture was taken in the Blue Mosque.  I was beguiled by this man who was performing the ritual of cleansing prior to prayers.  I thought this was an interesting shot as it captured the flow of the running water, lights and shadows.  The details on the marbled floor and walls also made this shot interesting for me.

Have you been to the Blue Mosque?  And what was your experience?  Do comment.  Cheers

Happy weekend.




Taken in late 2014. It was probably high-noon at the time and kudos to these guards of honor who were doing their routine drill.  I like the uniformity of the marching, the placement of their rifle and were their leg up at an angle.  Took about 12 shots on this one and find this to be my best shot.

Hope you guys like it.



Intermission from my travel pictures to share a more recent picture taken in Haji Lane, Singapore. In the urban setting of Singapore, to find chicken roaming our streets is a novelty. Here is a rooster doing a “catwalk” for the shoot.

Shot with a monochrome range finder-fully open, high speed low ISO. Circa Nov 2017.



This picture was taken in Cotton Castle (Pamukkale) in late 2014.  I like the picture very much because it was one of the very first time that I was experimenting with light, shadows and B&W.  I believe that I took this sometime late in the afternoon.

This is the exact same picture I posted on my main page……just not sure if you could see it clearly with the labels sticking in front of it.

For me it helps to me to reflect that leisure plays an important part in our lives to connect with our love ones.  Today, it is getting harder since the advent of mobile devices.  We are getting lesser face time than before.

If we are on our deathbeds, I believe most of our regrets are not spending enough time with our love ones or reconcile with an old friend.  Remotely anyone would regret on reputation on finances.

Cherish the love ones around you.  You never know when it will be our last time spending precious moments with them.




Tukad means river while Unda means layers.  This dam is located at Lebah Banjar Village in Klungkung.  I was excited to discover this place through a local guide and was amazed by the sight.  From where I stood, I was able to witness the hustle and bustle of locals taking a dip in the water. Yet, I found serenity in the environment……probably because it was still relatively untouched by tourists.

Picture taken in 2014, Digital full-frame handheld. High speed, low ISO.


BEN-L102008120140221-065409Recently, we heard news about the volcano eruption in Mount Agung Bali that left many people stranded.  I thank God that there are no fatalities reported yet.

I did not have the opportunity to trek Mount Agung  but I made my way up Mount Batur (another active volcanic mountain) in early 2014.  It was majestic from the summit, looking at the morning sun peering through the clouds. And you can still see Lake Batur in the mid ground, simmering under the sunlight. Many Balinese still believe and revere the gods who resides on these mountains.

Whether you are a devout Hindu like the Balinese or a mountain trekker, all of us share the reverence of these majestic mountains.

Do keep all who are in Bali in prayers and especially for those who are making their way home safely to their loved ones.

Picture taken in 2014, Digital full-frame handheld. High speed, low ISO.